Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Vest-Scarf

Here is a cute and easy DIY for a comfortable vest/scarf! I got it from a blog called Behind the Seams. Enjoy!

You will need:

measuring tape
about a yard of fabric, preferably one that doesn't fray when cut (I had a piece 38"x61" when completely unfolded)

Lay out your fabric. Fold it in half so that the short ends are together. Measure six inches in from the folded edge and six inches down from the top.

Starting at corner of the measurements (red dot above), cut a slit in the fabric eight inches down .
Make sure this stays parallel with the folded edge and doesn't go diagonal. Mine accidentally did and though it's not a big deal, I wish I had been more careful.

That way when you open up the fold you will have two arm holes that are symmetrical.

Viola! Now wear it with pride! You can wear it as a vest with or without a belt...

                    .....Or as a scarf!

Scarf started falling off at this point. Oops. Looks better in person. ;)
TIP: If you have wider shoulders, you may need to adjust the 6" to 8" or so.

This was a very cheap addition to my wardrobe. I got the fabric on sail at Joann's. Hopefully I will be able to get back in and get a different color.


  1. I only got the "viola" part! :P
    Jk! It looks really nice on you!! Good job!

  2. I'm super excited to try this :) I love quick and easy and no sew. I think I will make one for my daughter with some scraps.

  3. Good luck! It really looks cute on anyone but smaller is probably easier. (: